Hemp Farming

After a long day of working it’s great to look out at your work all done.

Hemp Farming Income

Here’s a sample breakdown of numbers to realize if you’re doing everything right and following methods to have the highest yield of CBD:

If your crop produces about 2,500 pounds of hemp flower per acre with an average of 10% CBD content per pound, then you can sell it at a market price of $25 to $35 per pound. Then, this will leads to a gross profit ranging from $62,500 to $87,500 per acre before subtracting the costs of optimizing your CBD yield.

Hemp CBD oil gives the highest return among the three types of crops. However, it requires very different conditions and more tedious labor practices.

So if you are really interested in the more lucrative CBD market, you have to make a sure you take a deep dive and fully understand all the factors involved to secure a high percent CBD yield, so you can be near the $75,000 profit range, rather than

Greenhouse Projects

It’s good to look at a done project.

Some operations are just trying to stay afloat. Others want to grow into large scale agricultural businesses. We can help you attain your goals.