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What Is HHC? Top HHC Brands To Buy HHC Gummy Cubes Carts Online In 2022| Premium HHC Products

HHC is a cannabis compound that has recently entered the limelight because of its similarities to other cannabinoids, particularly THC. HHC brands are of particular interest to the cannabis community because, unlike delta-9 THC, it is a federally legal product. That is excellent news for many cannabis users because it induces feelings of euphoria, sedation, and symptom relief similar to other significant strains.

If you’re anxious about buying a new product you’re unfamiliar with, don’t worry, we can help. We’ve curated a comprehensive guide to answer the question, What is HHC distillate, top brands to buy HHC, and so much more.

List Of 3 Top Brands to Buy HHC Products In The Hemp Market

  1. Exhalewell – Overall Best HHC Brand In The Hemp Industry
  2. Hollyweed CBD – Best Full-Spectrum HHC products for pain relief
  3. Delta Extrax – Best Brand For HHC Vape Carts

#1. Exhalewellness – Overall Best HHC Brand In The Hemp Industry


Brand overview

Exhale Wellness stands out on this list because of its premium hemp products. They pride themselves in being the number one brand for delta-8 products and are one of the top go-to for high-quality products. The company’s philosophy is to provide natural alternatives to traditional medicine. So they strive to research and extract organic plant-based cannabis products that can improve body function.


Organic hemp farming: Exhale prides itself in developing organic and effective products through intense research. Through their partnership with farms in Colorado, they have become leaders in producing high-quality HHC products.

Ethically-made products: A great feature about Exhale is its dedication to harvesting nature’s spoils without exploiting them. They utilize ethical methods in their production, including making their HHC gummies. Rather than animal-based gelatin, they make their delectable treats from vegan-based products.

Excellent service: Customer reviews rate Exhale very highly. Undoubtedly, free shipping options and customer follow-up help shape their client’s thoughts. More so, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re satisfied with their service.


  • Exceptional research culture
  • Routine product development
  • Accessible lab reports
  • Extensive HHC products include gummies, HHC carts, flowers, pre-rolls, and oils.
  • Ethically-sourced ingredients
  • Excellent customer service


  • No physical stores

Customer Reviews

The website received plenty of five-star reviews, with customers reporting the products to work fast and effective. They love that the products offer more than CBD without being too potent. They also commended the customer service they’ve received. The company offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee, and all products are lab-tested for purity, quality, and safety.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Hollyweed CBD – Best full-spectrum HHC products for pain relief


Brand Overview

To mark the legalization of cannabis in California, Hollyweed set up shop in 2017. Since then, they’ve been making waves in the industry and are one of the foremost brands in HHC production. Their mission is to produce quality products you can trust.


Wide range of HHC products: Hollyweed offers a variety of ways for customers to experience blissful upliftment. You can choose your preferred method of getting a buzz from various products, including vape HHC cartridges, oils, and pre-rolls. You can also get an energetic lift through one of their uniquely flavored flowers.

Informative blog: Apart from providing users with the best quality products, Hollyweed also strives to educate them. Cannabis users can stay up-to-date with the latest news and facts about hemp-based products through a frequently updated blog.

Private membership list: If you’re a fan of extra perks, then you can rest assured that Hollyweed will undoubtedly deliver. Apart from offering premium and reasonably priced products, Hollyweed also allows customers to become subscribers. By enrolling in their subscription, you get to enjoy as much as 25% off goods. Besides free shipping available on all orders, one can say they’re the more economical brand.


  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Wide variety of HHC products
  • Locally produced and sourced hemp plants
  • Vegan-friendly research and extraction process
  • Transparency through easily accessible lab reports


  • No physical stores

Customer Reviews

Even though Hollyweed CBD is still a relatively young company, they have received plenty of positive customer reviews with superior-quality CBD oil products for pain relief. Their products are labeled honestly and transparently to ensure their customers know exactly what they are buying and what it contains. They also offer a thirty-day money-back guarantee to loyal customers.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

#3. Delta Extrax – Best Brand For HHC Vape Carts


Brand Overview

Delta Extrax came into the cannabis scene in late 2019 and has since held a competitive percentage of the cannabis industry. This feature is in no small part thanks to their relentless pursuit of high-grade hemp products.


Well-known brand reputation: From the reviews, we could tell Delta Extract is a highly respected company. They emphasize establishing a long-term relationship with their customers, which keeps them coming back for more.

High-grade products: Delta Extract is known for prioritizing naturally occurring hemp cannabinoid during its production. Besides that fact, they also strive to improve the quality of their products. For instance, they’re one of the few companies that use both MCT and Hemp seed oil to make their tinctures. As a result, their oils have high medicinal and nutritional properties.


  • Third-party lab tests
  • Excellent customer service
  • Emphasis on natural ingredients
  • A wide array of potent products


  • No Vegan-friendly options

Customer Reviews

Delta Extrax has over four thousand reviews on its website, with customers commenting on the quality, taste, and effectiveness, offering value for money. They mentioned the products are excellent for relaxing the body and mind. The company offers a varied range of products and is amongst the best.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Delta Extrax

How Did We Choose The Best HHC Brands Of The Hemp Market

Customer review: The first yardstick we used to make our list was customer service. As the saying goes, the customer is always right. So we took a look at both the positive and negative reviews of the brands we were considering. Of course, we couldn’t rely solely on the word of these companies’ websites, so we looked to external sources. We could get a more honest and unbiased opinion about our contenders through third-party sites.

Lab Testing Standards:Every company should prioritize the health of its customers above all else. Many brands manufacture HHC products, from growing cannabis to synthesizing hemp derived HHC and creating its finished derivatives. The entire process requires extensive testing to ensure it meets the minimum requirement for health and safety.

Synthesization method: The next consideration is the synthesization method. Most commercial HHC products are artificially synthesized in labs through the chemical hydrogenation of CBD. The process is quite sensitive, so we reviewed different companies’ extraction methods to make HHC products. After thorough analysis, we selected those using the best legal strategies to curate HHC.

Cost: We carefully chose companies with reasonable pricing considering the value of their products to ensure you get a deal for your money. Thus, we thoroughly compared our contenders’ product prices, shipping fees, and other costs, including additional perks like coupons and promos they might offer.

Additional Services:Another feature taken into consideration is the additional services the shortlisted brands provided. If you’re purchasing HHC products to enhance your sleep or reduce anxiety, you want to avoid the inconvenience of tracking your products. So we added a star next to companies that offer services such as shipping, money-back guarantees, and favorable customer policies.

Ingredient Quality: Ingredients are undoubtedly one of the most vital things to consider when choosing a brand. Ingesting psychoactive drugs on its own comes with many risks, and the last thing you want is to take something with an adverse reaction that lands you in the ER. We were thorough in investigating the ingredients each brand uses and the sources. Hence, we selected those that prioritized organic and ethically-sourced ingredients.

Product Variety: We also scrutinized the range of products each brand offers and settled for the ones with the most. That way, you know your options aren’t limited, and you can choose from various products in different flavors.

Legality: Since hemp is federally legal for all intents and purposes, so is HHC. However, since most commercial hexa hydrocannabinol are synthetically derived, there’s a possibility that some HHC products could contain minute traces of THC. Although HHC is legal everywhere, you can only possess and consume THC in 38 states without fear of prosecution.

Since both products have similar structures, a pure extraction of HHC is rare. However, the 2018 farm bill legalizes all hemp products and allows 0.3% of Delta 9 THC contaminants. Therefore we sourced brands that were thorough enough in their extraction process to abide by the law.

Buying Guide: Best HHC Brands/Products

So you’ve decided to purchase an HHC product, but you’re not sure which brand to patronize or what exactly to buy. This section reveals what you ought to look out to make an informed decision.

But before we get into that, we have to discuss some of the basic things about hexa hydrocannabinol.

Molecular structure

HHC belongs to the cannabis family, and scientists produce it in the lab by hydrogenating THC derivatives. So while HHC has a unique molecular structure with distinct physical properties from the rest of the family, it has similar chemical effects. Thus, users of both HHC and THC have described their high as quite similar, specifically, those comparing it with delta-8.

These molecules act like endocannabinoids (substances the body produces) which bind with Cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1). CB1, this receptor, is essential in various functions at the molecular and cellular levels.

Consequently, it takes part in several biological processes, including the sensation of pain, the regulation of insulin, and much more. It’s unlikely for users to get addicted to using HHC, and it produces the same effects as THC on the mind and body.

Various Types of HHC Products to Choose From

When you want to buy HHC, you have to decide how to take it. Hexahydrocannabinol comes in various products with roughly the same effects, with different injection methods. So ultimately, it depends on your preference.

HHC capsules – are one of the most widely available products on the market. Since they’re technically edible, they have a high bioavailability and are excellent for quick and efficacious dosing.

HHC soft gel capsules are a perfect way to enhance your mood, numb the pain, and get a good night’s rest. Of course, that depends on the brand and dosage you use. Most HHC capsules contain about low to moderate dosing. Still, it’s crucial to read the labels and approach them cautiously.

HHC gummies – are edibles but are a more delectable way to get to cloud 9. Many brands carry this treat in different shapes, colors, and flavors. Like other HHC products, these gummies are thought to induce feelings of euphoria, provide relief for anxiety, and promote good sleep. They’re perfect for users who might not like other methods of consumption. People with asthma and other breathing difficulties might find vaping intolerable, and capsules might be off-putting to those who don’t like drug tablets.

HHC tinctures – are the derivatives of purified hexahydrocannabinol and a typically plant-based carrier oil that contains ethanol. Most tincture brands use hemp seed oil for nutritional benefits and avoid overdiluting the HHC extract. It conveniently comes in a dropper bottle so that you can apply it through one of two methods–sublingually or orally. You can mix it in your food or drink if you’re taking it orally. You should expect to start feeling its effect within an hour.

On the other hand, the sublingual method proves effective in 30 minutes or less, and the products tend to last longer. All you have to do is place a few droplets under your tongue and wait.

HHC Disposable vape – are ideal if you prefer a more smooth and sooty high. Many brands produce ready-made vape tools that already contain the cannabinoid. Most vape cartridges are battery-operated or have a USB port for charging, and some even have a variety of flavors to offer a more colorful and tasteful experience.

Albeit dosage is harder to estimate using vapes, its effects are similar to other methods of taking HHC.


That brings us to the next point. Working out the exact dosage for HHC is a bit tricky. As previously highlighted, research on hexahydrocannabinol is ongoing, and there’s still a lot we don’t understand. Thus, it’s essential to apply caution when dealing with it, whether for medical use or recreation. Despite that, we can arrive at a reasonable dosage by establishing that HHC contains roughly 70 – 80% of THC’s potency.

However, it’s essential to remember that other factors can affect the dosage. For example, newer users will likely have a lower tolerance and stick to low dosing. If you must increase the quantity, do so gradually, giving the drug enough time to reach its full effect.

Other factors like the method of intake can also affect its potency. Edibles tend to have a higher bioavailability than vaping. So you might want to reduce the dose with gummies or increase it with vaping, depending on your intended effect.

FAQ’s About HHC Brands And HHC Products

What is HHC?

HHC is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid that is short of tetrahydrocannabinol. We can describe HHC as a hydrogenated THC form because two of its double bonds are replaced with hydrogen atoms. In other words, it contains more hydrogen atoms, consequently altering its atomic number and molecular weight. As a result, HHC is generally more stable than its THC counterpart, demonstrating higher heat resistance and extended shelf life.

Some people describe HHC as the Armageddon-ready cannabinoid. Although that might sound scary, that alludes to its relative stability compared to other cannabinoids. High temperatures, increased oxygen levels, and UV exposure can cause cannabinoids to degrade. On the other hand, hexahydrocannabinol is less likely to disintegrate due to the extra hydrogen atoms. That makes it one of the strongest candidates to survive an end-of-the-world-like scenario.

Is HHC Legal?

One of the reasons HHC is now garnering more recognition from the cannabis community–and the general public alike, is its legal status. Unlike THC, which you can possess and consume in only 38 states without fear of prosecution, HHC cannabinoid legal everywhere. That is thanks to a loophole in the 2018 Farm Bill. According to the bill, any form of cannabis that contains no more than 0.3% of delta-9 falls under hemp.

What’s the Difference Between HHC and THC?

HHC and THC are distinct cannabinoids with unique chemical structures, behaviors, and reactions. From a chemical perspective, they both bear a marked resemblance, and the difference in their form lies in an additional hydrogenated carbon atom in HHC. As a result, HHC is a relatively stable compound, while THC is more susceptible to breakdowns.

It is more likely to release its remaining hydrogen atoms and form two new double bonds. This process often occurs in light or heat and yields another prevalent cannabinoid we call CBN. On the other hand, HHC is already saturated with hydrogen, so it is less likely to react with other compounds to form a new one.

Is HHC Safe?

Since there are limited studies on HHC, its effects are unclear and continue to evolve daily. Much of what we know about this minor cannabinoid comes from animal studies, which do not always mirror its impact on humans.

Research is yet to reveal the severe side-effects of HHC or the consequences of long-term use. However, we can say that the key to understanding the effects of HHC lies in its structure–as with any other molecule.

So given what we already know about the similarities between HHC and THC, we can draw a roughly accurate safety profile. However, children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people with hypersensitivity to psychoactive drugs should avoid using all types of cannabinoids.

What Are The Benefits of HHC?

Like other cannabinoids, HHC demonstrates antinociceptive effects. In other words, it can act as a pain reliever. Studies on mice show that HHC binds to a cannabinoid receptor known as CB1, similar to THC.

This receptor is also present in the nervous system of humans and plays a role in the sensation of pain. Furthermore, HHC demonstrates other pharmacological properties, for instance, possible effectiveness in fighting cancer. Studies show that some analogs can suppress the angiogenesis of cancer cells and decrease the size of tumor cells.

Other areas HHC has shown to benefit human life include anxiety treatment, reducing inflammation, and aiding sleep.

How is HHC Made?

Although HHC has been around since the late 40’s when Roger Adams first synthesized it, research on HHC remains somewhat limited.

Stability doesn’t always translate to greater production.

HHC appears in nature in relatively minute quantities despite its extra hydrogen ions. Thus, HHC receives less acknowledgement than its more abundantly present cousin, THC. However, technological advancements make it possible to synthesize and cost-effectively extract large quantities of HHC.

Will HHC Show up in A Drug Test?

Although research on the effects of HHC is ongoing, from what we know, its metabolism differs from other cannabinoids. For example, after the body breaks down THC completely, it yields a metabolite known as 11-hydroxy-THC. This compound is what routine drug tests often try to find. If it is present, the drug test is positive; otherwise, it is negative. However, 11-hydroxy-THC is not one of HHC’s metabolites.

That means it is neither present in the blood nor urine after consumption, so routine drug tests are unlikely to pick it. Although, if one consumes synthetic HHC, it might contain traces of THC, which, when broken down, produce 11-hydroxy-THC. Still, it’s essential to note that these results don’t mean HHC won’t leave a trace in the body, and more specific drug tests are needed to detect it. However, since such steps typically don’t appear in routine drug tests, people high on HHC might pass.

What Are The Adverse Effects of HHC?

Finally, while we’re yet to record severe side effects of HHC, overdose can lead to some minor adverse effects. You might experience symptoms such as dizziness, lethargy, disorientation, and an upset stomach. If they increase in intensity or continue over an extended period, consult your doctor.

Best HHC Brands: Final Thoughts

We considered HHC a minor cannabinoid for a long time because of its minute quantities in nature, but it is starting to receive more attention. Besides its legal status, it is an effective alternative to THC, which has a much more controversial reputation.

Of course, thanks to technological advancements, synthesizing large quantities of HHC is now faster and more cost-effective.

Hopefully, we’ve been able to answer pressing questions such as what is HHC? Top brands to buy HHC and more.

Several HHC products are now available on the market in a broader range of flavors and goods. Still, we highly recommend doing your due diligence before settling on a brand. But we can vouch for the three brands in this guide if your priorities are safety and health.

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